Las Terrenas: The proof is in the pictures

Hi all! Some of you have asked for some more information about the “Off the Beaten Path” locations we’ve posted pictures of, so here we go with a little less personal, and a little more information!

Las Terrenas is an incredibly beautiful spot in the Dominican Republic that is lesser known to many Caribbean travelers. If you want to get away from the overwhelmingly tourist-y resorts but eating and drinking the same, I strongly suggest heading to the peninsula, you won’t be disappointed.

Airbnb and VRBO housing is incredibly inexpensive and you can get around to restaurants, stores, the grocery, etc all walking distance or ATV which are cheaply rented from any number of places. There are plenty of people who speak English and here you can find that real Caribbean-style living that can’t be replicated at a resort. Restaurant prices vary for a family of four you can get food and drink anywhere from USD$ 50 and up, including drink. Food and produce is incredibly cheap and accessible here at the local grocery store. EVERYONE is willing to help you and the kindness of the people here will leave you speechless.

The sunset on the beach is easily the best part. The beaches are not crowded because it is a lesser known location so on any given day you may have an entire stretch of beach to yourself. Food and drink on the beach is also cheap; as a reference point you can get a large Pina Colada with fresh coconut and pineapple (cut by a machete in a little bodega playing Salsa music– it’s like a movie, really) for USD$ 3.50.

Did I mention the restaurants and houses are mostly dog-friendly?

All in all, Las Terrenas is not only beauty, but also functionality. It is cheap, fun, and quiet with opportunity for lots of nightlife, exploration, and relaxation should that be what your traveling heart seeks. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or interest about getting to this side of the island, you truly won’t be disappointed.


This is the only one that is not my picture, but this is an idea of what the beach looks like from one of many restaurants (





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