Los Tres Ojos

Los Tres Ojos or “three eyes” park was like stepping into another world. A world where you felt as though dinosaurs would step out of the untouched rainforest into the cold, cavernous lakes that run throughout the park . Tres Ojos is a nature preserve that is home to three beautiful caves with clear blue water, miles of park land, a small colmado and surprises all over the place! Entrance is 100 pesos which is equivalent to about USD$ 2.00. It is a little more for a tour guide, but a guide isn’t really necessary to enjoy the scenery. We went with one of our good friends, Cindy, an American teacher from Tennessee who had previously taught in Morocco. She is no stranger to adventure and was such a fun travel companion! Check out some of the pictures 🙂


While the water in the caves was cold, the air was brutally hot and the humidity clung to our chests like a vice. Is that dramatic? It is absolutely necessary because it is THAT hot. We walked up and down these old, slick stairs (a lawsuit waiting to happen?) and each time the walkway or cave opened up to one of the lakes, it was like we were seeing it for the first time again. Each one was more beautiful than the last. One of them was called “El Lago de las Damas” or Lake of the Ladies because that is where Taino (native) women would bathe their children. That one is below:


Turns out, there are actually four lakes, but one is not considered part of the “three eyes” because it is open rather than enclosed by a cave. In order to get there we had to pay 25 pesos (roundtrip about 70 cents USD$) to get on a sort of raft and pulled through an incredibly dark cave lit only by small spot lights.


Then, we walked along a dark path gripping the hand rails so not to slip. Bats hung from the top of the cave– an extremely eerie ambiance. As we approached the “light at the end of the tunnel”, literally, we could not believe our eyes as the scenery opened up to the most beautiful, untouched landscape I’ve ever seen.


One of the original Tarzan movies was, in fact, filmed here. And as it turns out, Steven Spielberg scouted this very park as a possible location for the original Jurassic Park movies.

This place was ridiculously inexpensive, beautiful, and mysterious. After getting back to the park we got some cold water at the colmado and hiked the trails around the rest of the park. If you ever find yourself in Santo Domingo with USD$3.00 to spare, this is not to be missed. The money goes to the upkeep of the park and educational programs to the public about preservation.

Thanks for following along 🙂



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