Letters Home


So I started a blog, and it feels a little silly. I enjoyed blogging about South Africa very much and it also helped me work through a lot of the culture and social shock.  I am hoping to be able to use this as a platform for sharing experiences, conversations, and reflecting on my social, economic, and cultural observations of this beautiful island that I get to call home for the time being. I am teaching Geography and World History (my favorites!) at an international school in Santo Domingo.

This summer was both beautiful and extremely difficult. From the moment school ended in June, Steven and I spend every waking moment planning: our wedding, our move out of our apartment, our move to another country, the logistics of how to get our animals overseas, how to get a work visa in the LITTLE time we were given, our trip to Tunisia to see my family, and how the hell we were going to keep sane through the whole process. Well, we got married, moved, travelled, got our animals overseas, and are now living happily in the Dominican Republic as husband and wife. In another life, I may have done this summer differently because with so much on my plate, I feel like I missed a lot. I feel like I wasn’t as present as I would have liked. However, nothing compares to how full my heart has been (and wildly lost my brain has been) discovering a new country, language, and pieces of myself alongside my husband! I’m as present as ever.

So, without further ado, here are my postcards to Jersey. By the way, I’ll never actually send a post card from here because the mailing system would cost me USD$ 50 to get it to NJ! More on that in another post 🙂